The Music that Brings us Together

+Social Europe!

From your balcony on April 12th, 2020, at 12 pm

Reason and example

Why do we sing?

El pasado 12 de Abril en todos los balcones de Europa sonó el Himno de la Alegría

Reason and example

Why do we sing?

El Motivo

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The Example

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Si - Desde 2004

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Desde toda europa se unen a la iniciativa

The music that unites in the media

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Scores for Instruments

Scores and lyrics for Voices

Como tocar el Himno en vídeo

Tutoriales de Victor Carbajal
Hymn of Joy

Victor Carbajal, director de la escuela de música tradicional El Llacin de Llanes y también director de la Banda de Gaitas Llacin Nos enseña a tocar el Himno de la Alegría en 4 Vídeos.

Musical initiatives

Music in Quarantine

I will resist Quarantine.

I will resist - Quarantine version. Created by a group of Spanish artists to make easier our quarantine.

Quarantine Version

Beethoven's Ode to Joy in Quarantine Version.

Himno de la alegria

The Castile and Leon Symphony Orchestra. plays the hymn of joy from their homes


El Orfeón Donostiarra graba una veórnsi ódel Hallelujah contra el COVID-19

Himno de la alegria

La filarmónica de Rotterdam interpreta el ‘Himno a la Alegría’ en cuarentena

Asturias Patria Querida

Agradecimiento de la banda de gaitas de Xácara al personal sanitario.

European Anthem

Practice with them


Practice with this video karaoke so that you know the hymn and can sing from your balcony.

H. European

Here we leave you the European anthem, you can sing this version with the European lyrics.

Miguel Rios

The best known version of the Hymn of Joy throughout the world is this one by Miguel Rios.


Hymn of Joy score with notes in G Major for Flute. Practice with it!

The Music that Brings us Together

+ Social Europe!

The Music that Brings us Together

+ Social Europe!


All of humanity is living in an exceptionally adverse time. This is the first time in our recent history that such a relevant, shocking and destructive event as this global pandemic has occurred, which is sweeping through everywhere and leaving nothing but fear, desolation, pain, unemployment, poverty and death..

We are not prepared to face the unknown. We are learning to do so. For the first time, the world is coming to a halt, economic and social activity in order to save lives.

When all this happens, and as it does, decisions are made that affect us for the rest of our lives. That is why we have to raise our voices, now, from our homes, where we are confined to protect ourselves and not infect others. We can unite our voices with Beethoven’s music, with his ninth symphony, which is the anthem that symbolises the European Union, so that the representatives of the European democratic institutions – Parliament, Commission, European Council, etc. and the correspondents in each country – know that the ordinary people, the society that sees the future slipping through their fingers, wants a more social Europe.

Europe unites us and strengthens us as a society. We are a family of different cultures and languages, but we have a common soul and a common history of
to be proud of, and unfortunately the opposite. We know how to do it right, and we know how to do it wrong. But this continent to which we belong has been built on such unwavering principles as democracy and the rule of law, an economy, a currency, a culture, and a welfare state that must continue to be built so that it is of universal value and protects all of society equally and especially the most vulnerable people.

These are difficult times for all of us, and the world is watching, because we are the only experiment that has brought together peoples and nations, ideas and ideals for a common future of prosperity for both old and young. Family diversity, human rights and equality among people are signs of our identity.

The world looks to us because, if this construction succeeds, we will be a model to follow and it will be the best contribution we can make to the future of humanity. Each one of us can add our will, and together, small and large, demand that our voice be heard and taken into account in the decisions that are being approved and that will condition our future.

We need a more social Europe, a continent with an inclusive, strong and unified model of welfare, and this must be a sign of our identity.

It is being convened on 12 April 2020, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon (Spanish time), for several reasons:

  1. Because, as of today, April 11th marks the end of the second period of confinement, and a new stage begins that will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. All the more reason to take a break, on the balcony!
  2. Because we are likely to remain confined, and if the conditions of confinement were to be lowered, we would surely not be able to get closer than two meters, and a small number of people together. Just look at China.
  3. It also coincides that April 12 is the last day of Holy Week, that is, the day of the Resurrection for the Catholic Church, and in Spain it is celebrated with devotion, since Holy Week is a special date for a large part of society.
  4. It is a day therefore for RENAISSANCE, to start again after the viral tsunami. A day to demand that a more social, more supportive, more humane Europe be possible. If we support each other, we will be stronger, more creative, more understanding, we will be a great European family that will show the world its vigour, its experience, its co-responsibility, its state of well-being – health, education, long-term care, employment, housing, culture, minimum income, pensions, food, environment, etc.

On 12th April, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, men and women will play from their balconies, windows… the hymn – not of Europe, which will be our cry for equality and solidarity.
Those who do not know how to play a musical instrument will be able to sing the Hymn of Joy by Miguel Ríos which carries the music of the European Anthem


Too much pain we’ll have on those dates, too many deaths around us. Let us show the respect they deserve and with this silence shared from our balconies with the rest of society, let us pay homage to them and let this thundering silence fill with concern those who decide about our lives.


Continue to recognize all those who are exposed to the virus to save the lives of others, from their various professions, all noble, basic and essential and also to give support to sick people who are struggling to survive and encouragement to their families. We do this every day of confinement at 8 p.m., today we will also do it during the day so that the world can see us, and know that we will not forget what has happened.
Healthcare, social services, the agricultural sector, the fishing sector, the security forces, industry in each country, economic sovereignty, etc. will have to be protected in order to guarantee us vital security in the future.


We begin with the European Anthem and, after the minutes of silence and applause, we will move on to offer the entire society, from our balcony, the anthem, traditional song, etc. symbol of our land. Each region or town will choose its own song. For example:

    • In Asturias, bagpipers and other musicians will play Asturias patria
    • In Andalusia his beautiful hymn will be played.
    • In Galicia the pipers and the rest of the musicians will play a muñeira, hymn…
    • In Catalonia they will sing Els segadors…
    • In Euskadi, the Aurresku will be heard
    • In Zamora, for example, the Bolero de Algodre…
    • Etc.

The song that has lyrics will be sung at full speed.

We want to be heard by those who decide and govern our lives. and not just here in Spain, which is also good. We want the people of Germany and the Netherlands to know that we Spaniards are serious, hard-working and supportive people, just as they and the rest of Europe are. We do not only want them to hear us, we want them to listen to us and take into account our proposal and cry of hope in their decisionsa

We lived through difficult days and as the hours and days of confinement passed we began to realize the historical, global and viral fact that we were watching from the window, afraid, even at first incredulous.
Intergenerational solidarity was affected from the start, paralysing all the face-to-face interventions for older people in the various Autonomous Communities, as they were a high-risk group, as we have unfortunately seen.

We know, because we perform music therapy, that music unites the hearts of people who sing or play a song together, makes life happy, creates bonds of trust, accompanies and helps to overcome bad moments like this.
Moreover, the older people have reminded us who are younger, of the post-war era, of poverty, inequality, the lack of almost everything and they warn us with love, that nothing is achieved forever if we do not fight every day for a better future for all..

Europe is our social, economic and cultural space. Our future depends on what is decided in Brussels by those who represent us. We have not yet overcome the consequences of the 2008 crisis, and we may find ourselves in an even worse situation in a few months’ time if we do not do something to prevent it.

People of all ages – elderly people and families – from different corners of Spain, who are part of Intergenerational Solidarity, have been analysing – we had time, we are at home – and building this initiative that will give us oxygen and strength to continue without losing heart. Many people have participated and have been doing their bit to make it possible.

We already have a digital information space, where you can find musical resources, and the necessary information that will be updated every day with the proposals and ideas that you want to send us through the mail, social networks, etc.

We already have a digital information space, where you can find musical resources, and the necessary information that will be updated every day with the proposals and ideas that you want to send us through the mail, social networks, etc.


Let's do our bit to make it


Why this initiative

All of humanity is living in an exceptionally adverse time. It is the first time in our recent history that such relevant success happens, shocking and destructive event as this global pandemic has occurred, devastating wherever it goes and leaving only fear, desolation, pain, unemployment, poverty and death…


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